"Critical" Ambassador Program Management for 
Your Blockchain Startup

We provide complete and result-focused Ambassador program management and Assistance

How it Works

Your ambassadors can become a powerful "secret weapon" for your startup success. With a network of people from all around the world, you can build a thriving global presence and save a lot on your marketing budget.


Once you schedule your free call, we will design a unique ambassador program for your project.

It includes a unique brand name, powerful backstory, recruitment process and everything else needed beforehand. We will also help with design and content if it is necessary.


Once approved, we will start hiring new recruits from your community. And this will happen through a careful screening process that each ambassador will have to go through.

Your excited community members can fill the registration form and see their chances of recruitment. 


After carefully screening each application, we will progress on managing the program.

Management means everything including scheduling monthly calls, regular announcements, monitoring daily activities, creating reward structure and a lot (a lot) more that comes along the way.

Our Team

head of operations

Himanshu Bisht

Blockchain consultant and advisor.

With 6+ years of experience in marketing and community development, Himanshu has been seen on many leading publications like CoinTelegraph and Forbes.

lead marketer

Ritambhar Das

Ritambhar is a professional digital marketer and has over 2+ years of experience in managing communities, communication and copywriting.

We understand that finding good people is difficult. This is why we have a wide network of hardworking professionals including graphic designers, content writers and fun-loving crypto enthusiasts.